Activities and Events
(Note: In-person events will not be held during COVID-19)


Our Association regularly weeds and refreshes the gardens in the park area. We also try to keep the park clean with a spring clean-up and BBQ every year. Keep an eye out for our Neighborhood Association sign, which will be placed by the Canada Post mailboxes at the entrance to Uplands Park, announcing meetings and events. 

Playground Improvements

The Uplands Park playground is a jewel in the community. Children's play equipment has been updated and new equipment is in the plan to improve the playground. In 2015, the Uplands Park association received $165,000 in grants for upgrades to the playground and park. Upgrades included new fencing, upgraded playground equipment and ballfield fixtures. The tennis courts were updated and paths were constructed throughout the park. A picnic area and seating areas were also added. In addition, many trees were planted. In 2016 we were proud to have the installation of a new cenotaph in Uplands Park. This cenotaph is state of the art and is a unique and wonderful addition to our park.These changes made the playground/park more functional for all ages with plenty of space for recreation and relaxation. Many thanks to the Playground Subcommittee whose diligence and professionalism made this work possible. Also, many thanks to HRM and the province of NS for the grant monies to make these improvements.