There is a great deal of development planned for the Hammonds Plains area around Uplands Park. These have included:

  • sale of land and approval for a Frenchy's retail outlet to be located in Majesty Court (with space for 100 parking spots)
  • sale of the former St. James Church and lands for private development (now on hold)
  • sale of lands off of Kingswood Drive for a seniors housing complex (with access through Kenwood Drive in Uplands Park). 

Your residents' association understands that these are important issues for our quality of life and pedestrian safety for Uplands Park residents and we continue to work with local governments and others to bring our concerns forward. 

Uplands Park was not built for the level of traffic that will be created if the development proposal are approved as-is.  We require either a set of intersection lights at the Hammond Plains Road/Majesty Court intersection, or a second exit from Uplands Park. 

Please contact us with your comments and concerns either via email at [email protected]mail.com or through Facebook.  

About Uplands Park

Uplands Park is a beautiful community of about 100 homes tucked away in a tranquil corner of Halifax, NS. Uplands Park was incorporated as a village in 1967, then amalgamated as part of the Halifax Regional Municipality in 1996. 

Uplands Park is located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, in a suburban part of  HRM.  Hammonds Plains has significant historical roots. For more information check out the Hammonds Plains Historical Society.  

Hammonds Plains is one of the fastest growing communities in North America. Known for its country style living within 20 minutes of the city core, the area is home both newcomers and families who have lived there for generations. 

The Neighbourhood Association of Uplands Park was established in 2011 to give residents of Uplands Park a voice in the development of their community. This is the official website of the Association.
The need for such an association has never been greater. New residential and commercial development is rapidly changing Hammonds Plains into a busy community.  Uplands Park is one of the oldest subdivisions in Hammonds Plains. It is important for Uplands Park residents to have a voice at the table to bring the interests of the neighbourhood forward as decisions are being made that impact their lives.Having an association to represent the community allows residents to vote on important matters as part of the Greater Hammonds Plains community. Do you have an issue you would like to discuss? Let the Association know!

Issues and Opportunities

There are many issues of concern facing residents of Uplands Park today. Our main concerns revolve around traffic and the safety of Hammonds Plains Road. There is tremendous growth in the area without the infrastructure to support it. 

But there are also some very exciting opportunities, including: 
- Playground improvements (join our new Playground Subcommittee)
- Beautifying our garden and surrounding areas (volunteer)
- The opportunity to have a voice at the community and government levels 

In addition giving residents an opportunity to have an active role in improving their own community, your Association is also a member of the Greater Hammonds Plains Communities Association and it regularly communicates with local, provincial, and federal government representatives. It is also part of the Sandy Lake Conservation Association.

Please keep in touch with your residents' association with any questions or concerns.

The Neighborhood Association
of Uplands Park
11 Belmont Avenue,

Hammonds Plains, NS
B4B 1G1